Historical Background.

How we began

Nii Plants Car Rentals Co. Ltd. was incorporated in October 2007 as a private limited liability. It was issued with a certificate to commence business in the same month. The Company was established to provide rental services for vehicles and earth-moving equipment. Currently, the Company operates in the travel and tour industry and has a wealth of experience in that sector concentrating on:

  • Rental of luxury sedan/saloon;
  • Rental of wheel drive cars;
  • Rental of mini-vans;
  • Rental of Trucks

Legal Form & Ownership Structure.

Nii Plants and Car Rentals Co. Ltd

Nii Plants Car Rentals Co. Ltd. is a private limited liability company incorporated in October 2007 under the Companies Code 1963 (Act 179). The Registrar of Companies issued the Company with a certificate to commence business in the same year. The company is registered with 5,000 shares of no-par value of which all 5,000 shares have been issued for a cash consideration of US$ 135,000. Nii Plants is presently equally owned by Mr. Theophilus Ayitey-Adjin and Mrs. Mary Ayitey-Adjin with each holding 50% shares of the company.


Our Mission.

The company’s mission is to exceed its customers’ expectations in the provision of total transport solutions, whilst delivering the best value in an efficient, effective, and friendly approach in their relationships.


Our Vision.

Nii Plants Car Rentals Co. Ltd. seeks to provide customers with reliable and efficient transport services and be recognized as the best service provider in that space.


Core Values

The most important core value and foundation of our institution is GOD. Our strategic direction is heavily influenced by divine wisdom and direction. We also believe that if an individual is God-Centered, it will make it easy for that individual to exhibit the other core values needed to maximize organizational performance.

As professionals in the business of vehicle leasing and rentals, we promise to observe the highest standards of professionalism when relating with our customers and employees. We believe in treating our customers well, and giving our employees opportunity to grow.

  • Optimum utilization of resources
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Controlling cost

Contact Us.

PLANTVILLE, Poultry Farm Avenue, Akokor Foto- Dansoman

theo@niiplantsghana.com, niiplants@hotmail.co.uk

0243452283, 0275334888