Theo Ayitey-Adjin is the CEO and Founder of Niiplants Logistics Limited [NPL], a privately-owned company with a focus on Trucking and haulage, vehicle rentals, and courier services. Prior to the establishment of NPL, he founded Nii Plants Car Rentals [NPCR] to provide car rental services to individuals and corporate organizations. He has leveraged his network to build a remarkable Car rental company. Theo began NPCR in 2009 with a single 4×4 pick-up vehicle when he worked as a Works Manager at Dredging International. Since then, he has developed Niiplants in a fully-fledged logistics company.

Theo has previously worked with Dredging International as a Project Manager before resigning in 2010 to focus on his business. At Dredging International, he was involved in the planning of all work on-site as well as oversees the movement of heavy-duty equipment, trucking, and haulage of civil engineering materials to the project site.

He is also a lecturer at the Department of Civil Engineering at the Koforidua Technical University for the past 8years. He lectures in Transportation Engineering and Engineering Survey.

Theo also makes time to serve Humanity as he believes life is about serving others. He is the 2021-2022 Rotary Year President for the Rotary Club of Accra, the first Rotary Club in Ghana. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Coastal Geoscience and Engineering [Kiel University-Germany] and a Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering [KNUST -Ghana